Top 6 Anger Management Support Groups For Men

Are you looking for an anger management support group? Are you interested in anger management? Do you know of a loved one who can benefit from an anger management group? Are you looking for information on anger-management support groups? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of support groups and support forums, including anger management support groups, with more than 10 years’ experience. In my line of work, I have seen firsthand how important being part of an anger management support group is to anyone, especially men. Anger management support groups are fantastic for anyone to get the support and push they need to become better people and adapt habits and mechanisms to control their anger and lead better lives.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about anger management support groups and why they are highly recommended for anyone interested in personal growth.

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What Is an Anger Management Support Group?

An anger management group is any support group that offers emotional support and anger management therapy to anyone struggling with anger issues. Anger management groups help those who struggle with anger through cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps them gain more insight into their automatic thoughts and responses, underlying assumptions, core beliefs, cognitive distortions that may contribute to their anger outbursts.

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Benefits of Joining an Anger Management Support Group

Anger Management Group Therapy

Numerous benefits come with joining an anger management support group. Some of the benefits are:

Talking openly or honestly about your feelings

In an anger management support group, one meets up with like-minded people going through the same problems, in this case, anger issues. It is then easy for one to talk openly or honestly about their feelings and anger as a human emotion. Being part of an anger management group allows you to share your story without fearing judgment or ridicule. Since it is a space with people familiar with the issue, men feel free to share their deepest issues as they try to address the root of the problem and find stress management help.

Getting practical feedback about treatment options

Trained and well-experienced facilitators listen in and control the discussion in an anger management group. The facilitators will respond to members’ queries as a way of trying to help members understand the root of their anger. In some cases, the facilitator can recommend further counseling if a member needs it. 

Improving skills to cope with challenges

Participating in an anger management support group provides someone with an opportunity to interact with like-minded people who are likely going through the same issue or were previously struggling with anger outbursts. This makes it easier for members to learn from one another on the best ways to cope with their anger.

Gaining a sense of empowerment, control, or hope

The fact that the members of an anger management support group are people struggling with the same issue, it feels good to be amongst people who understand. Knowing it is possible to overcome your anger issues gives one a sense of hope and empowerment, helping one be more responsive to the help.

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Taking Anger Management Classes  

Anger management classes are important to enable one to control their anger and learn the root of their anxieties and fears that contribute to their anger outbursts. People who enroll in these classes are people in need of acceptance and tolerance as they share uncomfortable feelings to get help for their anger issues.

When done right, anger management classes can be the best help for people dealing with anger issues.

Anger Management Support Group Classes

anger management meetings online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most services are now offered online, and anger management support is no different.

Taking an online management class offers you a place to meet other people looking to control their anger outbursts. Just as is the case with offline anger management classes, a facilitator leads online anger management forums.

Online anger management classes make it possible for you to learn coping mechanisms, avoid hurting the people you love through your anger outbursts, and avoid the triggers that contribute to your anger outbursts. Anger management classes work to get to the root cause of a man’s anger issues to give them the necessary therapy to gain control.

The beauty of online classes is that you can join a meeting from your office, home, or anywhere else at any time.

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Benefits of Online Anger Management Classes

There are numerous benefits of taking an online anger management class. Among them are:

More frequent or flexible participation

Online anger management classes take place online, meaning members can participate from the comfort of their home or office. All one needs is a gadget that has internet connectivity and access to an online anger management class.

Opportunities for people who may not have local offline support classes

Someone willing to join an anger management class may sometimes find it hard to locate an offline class in their locality. An online anger management class availability mitigates this limitation, making it easy to join a class regardless of one’s geographical location.

A degree of privacy or anonymity

The anonymity and privacy that come with online anger management classes are one of the best benefits. Online anger management classes can be accessed via online meeting platforms like zoom, google meetups, and skype, where one can decide whether to show their face or share their identity. One could also opt not to actively participate in the group, especially if they are new.

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Recommendations for the Best-Rated Anger Management Support Group

Anger Management Support Groups Online


Centerstone is an open-educational group that focuses on controlling angry behavior. The group outlines the objectives they wish to achieve. The objectives are identifying personal triggers, knowing the difference between anger and aggression, acquiring knowledge about anger, the impact of hard drugs on anger, and behavioral skills, including communication and problem-solving skills. Centerstone offers anger management counseling and has a hotline that people could call in and get help through it.

Minnesota – Mental Health Clinics

Does your anger interfere with your health, relationships, employment, or legal status? If your answer is yes, Minnesota – Mental Health Clinics are the place to go. Here you will find an anger management group that will help you change your lifestyle. The anger management group offers an 8-week program designed to help individuals deal with their anger issues.

This program teaches the “ABCs” of managing anger. A stand for Arousal, where group members are trained to recognize high arousal states and gain relaxation skills. B stands for Behavior; members are taught to recognize aggressive behaviors and learn how to substitute them with substitute assertive forms of expression. C stands for Cognitive, and here members are taught to recognize thoughts that elicit anger and how to change them. After undertaking this program, there is no doubt that one will change how they express their anger.

Minnesota mental health professionals employ various anger management approaches that include self-monitoring, group therapy, assessment, psycho-education, relaxation techniques, and role play.

Elizabeth Stone House

Different support groups are available for individuals dealing with substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, parenting issues, homelessness, and financial struggles, all of which are gateways to anger issues. Other support groups under Elizabeth Stone House include relapse prevention, which can be triggered by anger issues, trauma support for angry people, self-esteem group, and nurturing group as part of anger management.

Their anger management support group has an anger management program that lasts for 9 weeks. It addresses topics on what anger is, what anger looks like, why we choose anger, origins of anger, anger and parenting, suggestions for dealing with anger, anger, and addiction, and finally, anger and boundary development and self-care.

Emotions Anonymous

Emotions Anonymous consists of emotional support groups covering anger, anxiety, depression, and other emotional struggles. It has a 12-step recovery program for people who have joined their support groups. If anyone is living with emotional challenges and is willing to receive emotional wellness, this is the place to be.

The 12 steps for the emotional support groups act as coping strategies that someone who has anger and emotional struggles could adopt.

Psychology Today

Anyone looking out for anger management support groups in New York could find them through Psychology Today. The names, contacts of various people that host these support groups are listed there. Therein one will find counseling and different types of therapies as well.


Men’s Group is a self-improvement community for guys dealing with anger management and other issues. We create and facilitate conversations between guys who are interested in personal growth.

Through our thriving forums, drop-in groups, and online men’s groups, we create discussions and friendships that help guys grow around topics like rage and anger. The guys also enjoy the social time with the guys as well.


There are numerous anger management support groups in different parts of America. If you are looking for an anger management support group available at all times, mensgroup is one of the best options today. As an online-based self-help group, you can be sure that there is an active meeting or forum at all times.

The possibilities of success once you join an anger management support group are tremendous. It is only through a self-help group that you can truly enjoy a better, happier life.

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