Jordan Caron Success Story: Overcoming Porn and Gambling Addictions

Meet Jordan Caron – a 43-year-old Entrepreneur and former amateur-pro golfer.

Jordan Caron, Entrepreneur and former amateur-pro golfer

Jordan was going through a rough breakup. His girlfriend ended their long-term relationship because of some of his unhealthy habits that were affecting their trust and sex life: primarily Jordan’s porn and gambling addictions. 

During the breakup, Jordan tried to break those unhealthy habits but found it difficult. He felt that he had little support around him, especially from the men in his life. His father had past and his buddies weren’t healthy male-role models

Jordan realized that he could benefit from some perspective and support from men, so he decided to check out a men’s group. 

Before joining MensGroup, Jordan was skeptical that he would get value from a group. He wasn’t sure if he would like the guys. He also hesitated to spend the money. 

Jordan Caron and mensgroup

In his first meeting, Jordan (top right with the hat) quickly discovered that the conversations didn’t feel forced. The guys weren’t guarded. It was like having a beer with old friends. He also quickly discovered that he wasn’t alone with his challenges. Other guys were going through similar things. On the other hand, you might want to learn about the toxicity surrounding the so called “Mr. nice guy syndome” with Dr. Robert Glover.

Jordan says MensGroup helped him:

  • Overcome a 20-year porn addiction that significantly affected his sex life and relationships. The majority of the group also had stories of porn addiction and this gave him the strength and strategy to give it up for good!
  • Get past his sports gambling habit. One member offered to be Jordan’s accountability buddy, changing the password on Jordan’s gambling account to lock him out.
  • Develop the practice of hanging out with his feelings, instead of reaching for distractions like the ones mentioned above. 
  • Get through the breakup in a healthier way than he would have alone; he has now adopted more exercise, better eating, and meditation which has helped him lose 25 lbs
  • And he met a number of long-term guy friends

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We couldn’t be more proud of Jordan. His openness to feedback and the trajectory of his personal growth has been an inspiration to the rest of the group. 

Jordan Caron's feedback on mensgroup

So, do you want to see this kind of growth in your own life? Get through a breakup faster? Overcome unhealthy habits or addictions? Get better at managing your feelings? Make guy friends? 

If you do — Click here to try out a men’s group to see if it’s the right fit for you!