Self-Mastery for Men: 7 Ways to Develop Self-Mastery of Men

What is self-mastery? Why is self-mastery for men essential? Can one learn self-mastery? What is the meaning of self-mastery? What are some benefits of self-mastery? If you are looking for answers to these questions on self-mastery, this article is for you.

Hi. I am Sean Galla, a moderator for online men’s forums and support groups where men come together to hold meaningful banter, support one another through shared life experiences, and discuss issues affecting men in the modern day. One of the most commonly discussed topics in our MensGroup meetings is self-mastery for men. Self-mastery is often a workbook to personal development and achievement. This makes it a critical practice to master for any man.

In this facilitator’s guide, you will find all the information you need about self-mastery, including actionable tips on achieving self-mastery as a man right now.

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What Is Self-Mastery?

What Is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery can be termed as one’s ability to completely take control of their own life. It is a practice that allows you to recognize and understand your habits, behaviors, and thought processes. This means that self-mastery is a choice like any other you make in your day-to-day life.

Self-mastery for men is also the ability to control and contain your desires and passions in a way that allows you to achieve a preset goal or remain productive at all times. Generally, society rewards people with the ability to exercise restraint as this forms the basis of all creative pursuits.

If you desire to lead in any capacity, get into shape, create healthy relationships, overcome substance use disorder, attain self-control, improve your socialization potential, create something new, improve yourself, or learn a new skill, you need to have self-mastery. This is often confused with self-discipline.

To achieve self-mastery, you first need to become self-aware by developing your self-awareness. The more you are in tune with your emotions and reaction patterns, the better your chance of gaining control of your life.

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The Difference Between Self-Mastery and Self-Discipline

Looking at the two from a surface level, it is easy to imagine that they are the same, and actually, most people use them as interchangeable synonyms. However, they are not.

Self-mastery is s mindset, while self-discipline is the application of this mindset. Self-mastery is the system through which self-discipline is contained. Without self-mastery, you lack self-discipline. Self-mastery includes creative visualization, positive mental attitude, 1% progression, pragmatism, and gratitude, among other attributes.

Why Is Self-Mastery Important?

Once you master self-mastery, you are able to create a happier, better life. This is done by exploring how you control your internalized thoughts, which enriches you and those around you.

Whenever you have negative thoughts, your emotions become vulnerable, leading to negative reactions and the consequences of these reactions. When you have self-mastery, you can control your impulses and practice rational decision-making instead of making emotional decisions. Self-mastery makes it easier for you to understand and master your feelings, which you can use to drive success in your career and happiness in your life.

How to Develop Self-Mastery

How to Develop Self-Mastery

To develop self-mastery, you must dedicate yourself to learning the art and be willing to push past your beliefs while making sacrifices that set you up for success. If you do this, you will be able to achieve a high level of self-mastery.

Here is how to develop self-mastery for men.

Decide who you want to become

To achieve self-mastery, you must first decide the kind of person you want to grow into. The vision of the person you want to become forms the basis for the actions you need to take to take your life in the desired direction.

For instance, if you want to lose body fat and grow muscle, you have to be willing to eat healthier meals over having unhealthy meals often. If you want to grow your bank account, you have to be ready to save and invest more than you spend.

Taking small actions towards your goal will give you a sense of identity, which in time becomes part of who you are. Therefore, determine what you want to become and develop a step-by-step plan to make it happen.

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Become better at managing your time

A high level of self-mastery calls for better time management. The best way to effectively manage your time is by becoming a stark essentialist who thinks of time in segments of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. This means that every time block builds onto the next block ==and allows you to start practicing how to be productive 15 minutes at a time. Eventually, you end up with a whole hour of productivity.

Time management is paradoxical when it comes to self-mystery. This is because you need self-mystery and self-discipline to manage your time better, but you need to create time to learn self-mastery to make time management possible. However, you can use one to reinforce the other and meet your goal.

Listening to the best self-help audiobooks on time management can go a long way in making you better at time management. 

Come up with standards of conduct

One of the easiest ways to fail at self-mastery is going into it without an idea of the standards you want to live up to or the standards your life revolves around. You need to create standards of conduct to know how to live your life. without standards of conduct, you are likely to be soaked into numerous traps along your journey, which will take you off your path.

Commit to yourself

You need to take the lead in your life and make decisions that invest in your life and happiness. By committing to self-improvement, you set yourself up to succeed in your quest for self-mastery.  

Allow yourself to get vulnerable

To reach your full potential, you must be willing to go deep inside yourself and explore your deepest vulnerabilities. Contrary to what most men have been made to believe, emotions are powerful tools that can propel you to great success when you master control over them. Therefore, take time to recognize and accept your feelings and be willing to share them with the ones around you.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you

The road to self-mastery requires changing the kind of people you hang around. It is often said that you are the sum average of the people you spend most of your time with. The people in your life are a reflection of your character. Therefore, you must surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have attained self-mastery or are on the path to self-mastery for mentoring and advice.

Join a support group

When you start learning self-mastery, one of the critical components of the process is having accountability partners. As you take on the journey, you can seek support from your family, friends, spouse, or colleagues. If you want more tailored support that encourages mutual learning, you should consider joining a self-mastery support group for men like

More About Men’s Group

More about Men's Group

Men’s Group is a men-only online self-improvement forum that creates friendly spaces for men to come together for talks, meaningful banter, and support as they navigate their day-to-day life and work on their self-mastery. Here you will find like-minded men willing to help you through your self-mastery journey. You will also get recommendations for the best books and podcasts on self-mastery, from leading authors like Stephanie S. Covington and others.

Safe spaces that allow men to be expressive, vulnerable, and real about their feelings are not always readily available for men. This hinders many men from getting the support they need to reach their full potential. With a support group, you have a better chance of sticking to your plan and attaining self-mastery. 

The Bottom Line

Discovering your passions, hidden talents, likes, dislikes, and potential can seem like an unattainable goal for most men. To attain self-mastery for men sometimes means going against all odds to cultivate their inner strength and become the person they always knew you could become. With this guide, any man can start their journey to self-mastery. Joining a support forum like Men’s Group will improve your chances of succeeding and finally being able to control your thoughts, emotions, and life.

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