Barack Obama & Steph Curry On Men’s Groups

It turns out that it’s not just us “average joes” that benefit from men’s groups.

Public figures, world leaders, cultural icons and others we look up to also need a place to share and work through their experiences in life and talk through common men’s group discussion topics.

In this Town Hall meeting, former President Barack Obama and NBA superstar MVP Steph Curry discuss a number of men’s issues including what are men’s groups, the importance of strong role models, father figures and strong men’s groups. 

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At 33:20 Steph Curry explains the impact that his men’s group has on his well-being, his wife, his emotions, his kids and his overall fulfillment.

He said we need to acknowledge the fact that men have a hard time being open about their feelings, especially anxiety and a variety of other issues that need to be talked about for their health.

Steph says that men have to invest in themselves, their mindset, their perspective and take advantage of the resources that are out there for men to open up and share. Men need men’s support groups

Even though it is in a locker room setting, he explains that it is a safe space where guys can be fully transparent about what they’re going through.


At 36:37 of this panel discussion on men’s issues, former US president Barack Obama gets into why men need a men’s group. He details how he interacts with his sons – by default – and how it differs from his wife.

He shares the tale of his sons watching sports and saying nothing. Michelle Obama will ask about his son and Barack won’t know about it because they didn’t talk. They were watching the game. You don’t talk.

He says that Michelle on the other hand, with her girlfriends, will talk for the entire day. All they do is talk and hash through things. They express their feelings. They support one another.

He summaries, there is an ability to talk about vulnerabilities, concerns, insecurities, and emotions in women that many don’t get to experience.

He then goes on to talk about getting together with his group of men and how it can serve that role.

This applies to online men’s groups just as much as in-person men’s groups they’re speaking of in their own lives. 

NBA Superstar Steph Curry Shares His Lack Of Self Confidence

In this clip – at 20:45 – Steph shares about his own emotional challenges and struggles as a young man with self-confidence and finding his self-worth. He gets into sensitive men’s group topics that most men are too afraid to share. 

Growing up Steph loved basketball but felt like he was living in his dad’s shadow. Self-Confidence wasn’t natural to him. It took him many years to not feel anxious walking into a room with confidence.

He explains that his village – his close friends and family – were the driving force behind him finding his confidence and belief in himself.

He ends this clip by saying “wherever you are in the process, find support and just keep fighting”.

Barack Obama On His Personal Challenges With A Lack Of Purpose And His Father

Obama starts this clip by saying “I was all kinds of screwed up in high school.”

Obama says he had no clear sense of direction. He had no mens accountability group! He was angry that his father was not around. He lacked the community as a man. And there weren’t organizations to help men like men’s groups do today.

Many men – especially those without a father figure – struggle to find their path in life and can often lead to struggling to find one’s purpose. Some men were grieving a dying father. Other fathers weren’t there, to begin with. 

Obama advised us to find individuals that believe in you and you can count on when things get tough in life. You may not find it exactly the way that you want it but it’s highly beneficial.

Barack also said that things changed for him when he started to show up to support other people. When you help somebody, you see the impact and that gives you confidence. You feel useful. They feel better.

He goes on to say that it doesn’t matter the format, an online men’s group or in-person men’s group will do fine. 


It’s a very human to desire to share your inner experience – situations, emotions, concerns, insecurities. You’re not alone in desiring authentic conversations with other men on a similar path. And whether you are interested in pushing your career or you want to be a better father, it doesn’t matter, a men’s group can make you a better man!

If Barack Obama and Step Curry swear by men’s groups, what are you doing without one?

And if you can’t find a men’s group in your town, you can always launch your own with our quick start guide on how to start a men’s group.

We hope you found this useful.