Men’s Resources: A Man’s Guide to Self-Improvement and Support Groups

No matter how skilled, smart, or exposed a man is any man who knows their value knows that there is always something new to learn. This article highlights some of the best men’s resources available on the internet, whether you are in New York or California. Whether you need access to self-help groups and resources, support groups, or general knowledge content, you will find everything you need in this article.

The content has been broken down into sections that cater to different needs, making it easy for you to scroll through to the category of your liking.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

General Self-Improvement Resources 

Men’s Resources

Mensgroup Its mission is to create and sustain safe male spaces for all men, including young men. Trained facilitators provide learning opportunities to enhance the happiness, wholeness, and productivity of men.

Building Sustainable MasculinityWorkshops, coaching, conferencing around nonviolent masculinity.

Menstuff A national men’s resource with extensive archives on many different men’s issues.

Men’s Resources InternationalEducational and consulting organization supporting the development of new and existing men’s programs. 

XY Magazine OnlineXY, based in Australia, focuses on men, masculinities, and gender politics.

Dads and DaughtersEducation and advocacy are nonprofit for fathers and daughters. DADs provide tools to strengthen father-daughter relationships and transform pervasive cultural messages that value daughters more for how they look than who they are.

The ManKind ProjectThe Mankind project assists men in “reclaiming the sacred masculine for our time through initiation, training, and action in the world.” The ManKind Project organizes New Warrior Trainings around the world.

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“Men’s Work” Organizations

MensgroupSelf-help peer-to-peer support group for men who need to understand their rights and become standup members of society.

The Mankind ProjectMinnesota (formerly New Warrior–Minnesota) – To awaken men to be fully alive. The intense weekend of self-exploration, healing, ritual, experiential process, and initiation for men. Also, Boys-to-Men weekends. Follow up integration groups; newsletter. P.O. Box 141018, Minneapolis, MN 55414. E-mail:

Minnesota Men’s Conference Annual September retreat in the Minnesota north woods to explore mythopoetic men’s soul work: stories, poetry, art, etc. Established in 1984 by Robert Bly.

SATTVA Healing Arts Programs for men with holistic health and healing. Past events have included 8-week “Iron John” series and “Phoenix Rising” with Maldoma Somé. 3200 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis 55408.

Help for Men in Crisis

Mensgroup Self-help peer-to-peer support group for men who need to find themselves and become better with better self-esteem.

Alliance for a Violence-Free Anoka County Many resources for residents of Anoka county, including a list of services for male victims of intimate/domestic abuse.

Children’s Home Crisis Nursery Help for a father (or mother) who fears that he (she) will hurt or neglect his (her) child. CHCN will provide crisis care for the child in a warm and loving setting. 800-543-7709.

Crisis Connection (Formerly Contact YES/NEON) – 24-hour crisis counseling, information, and referral service of Canvas Health. You can call the helpline at 612-379-6363.

The Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) Community Intervention Projects cooperate with police, courts, battered women’s shelters, counseling services on domestic abuse. 204 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis 55404. 612-874-7063.

Ferry Street Shelter for Men Resources for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse for Anoka County residents. 2621 Ferry St N, Anoka, MN 55303. 763-323-7006.

Men’s Crisis Help Line Counselors are available to help men with Domestic Violence/Abuse calls, Custody, legal referrals, and other situations. A Wilder (and other) Foundation-funded project of the Crisis Connection (see below). 612-379-6367 (612-379-MENS).

Sexual Harassment AttorneySeth Colton, the law firm of Lommen, Nelson, Cole, and Stageberg, P.A. Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Colton has represented men falsely charged with sexual harassment.

Sexual Violence Center of Hennepin County 24-hour crisis phone 612-871-5111 or 952-448-5425, one-to-one and on-site counseling for male and female survivors, secondary survivors of sexual assault and abuse of all ages. Support groups, long-term counseling, and education.

The Walk-In Counseling Center (WICC) Crisis intervention, short-term counseling for individuals, couples, and families; referrals to other agencies and resources.

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Support for Men: Recovery Groups 

Support for Men

Mensgroup Self-help peer-to-peer support group for men who need to find themselves and become better men.

Create Inc. Alternative Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Treatment available for Outpatient, Adolescents and DUI/DWI Offenders. 1911 Pleasant Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55403, 612-874-9811.

Health Recovery Center Inc. A natural alternative to 12-step alcoholism treatment programs with a comprehensive, successful alcohol and drug addiction treatment model that has sustained the highest recovery rates in the US since 1981. 3255 Hennepin Avenue S, Minneapolis MN 55408, 612-827-7800, 800-554-9155.

Pride Institute Residential substance abuse treatment program dedicated to treating the GLBT community. 14400 Martin Drive, Eden Prairie MN 55344, 1-800-547-7433.

Rational Recovery For alcoholics who choose not to follow 12-step programs.

Southside Men’s Group Fellowship and support for men interested in positive change within themselves, their relationships, and their communities. A men’s support group has met continuously for over 35 years as a spin-off of the original Earnie Larsen Group. Each Saturday from 8:30-10:00 AM at the Creekside Community Center, Bloomington, MN 55431. 612-636-8600.

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Men’s Publications

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality Scholarly, interdisciplinary.

The Good Men Project Magazine Contemporary writing from a diverse group of men.

MenSight Magazine The journal of conscious masculinity.

Voice Male Magazine Male Positive, Pro-Feminist, Open Minded writing from men and women.

Men’s Health Mainstream magazine on health and fitness.

Men’s Journal Mainstream magazine for men.

The Men’s Bibliography Comprehensive list of writings about men.

Men’s Studies Press Men’s studies scholarship since 1992.

Menletter Articles and essays on issues important to men.

Men’s Information Resources

Fathers and Husbands Promoting positive images of men in the media.

Critical Research on Men in Europe (CROME) An umbrella research network.

About Fatherhood Fatherhood pages at

Men’s Health Network Resources for men and their families.

Manhood Online (Australia) Better men for a better world.

The Men’s Resource Network Positive resources, information, and support.

MenEngage Global Alliance An alliance of non-governmental organizations.

MenStuff (United States) The national men’s resource.

National Fatherhood Initiative So every child has a father’s love and support.

Men’s Resources International Exploring new models of masculinity.

MenWeb Men’s issues also are issues for men and women.

National Coalition For Men How sex discrimination affects men and boys.

The Dad Man Joe Kelly’s resources for fathers.

Individual Anti-Violence Programs

Individual Anti-Violence Programs

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) Promotes the cause of gender equality and social justice for everyone, including family members, through its principles of pro-feminism, gay-affirmation, anti-racism, and enhancing men’s lives.

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project – Provides community education and direct services to gay, bisexual, and transgender male victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Moving Forward Domestic Violence Program A Men’s Resource Center for Change program, includes domestic violence groups and anger management classes. 

The National Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence Promoting understanding, sustaining dialogue, and creating solutions towards eliminating domestic violence affecting Latino communities.

SafeSpace An LGBTQQ anti-violence agency is serving survivors of physical, sexual, and hate violence.

Anti-Violence Programs

Men’s Nonviolence Project The information resource for men about violence and nonviolence. There is also a Discussion section for posting comments, ideas, etc.

Family Violence Treatment and Education Association Providing clinical services and education within a gender-inclusive conception. Members meet quarterly, sponsor training conferences and publish a newsletter, the FAVTEA Bulletin, twice a year.

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) Web-based organization providing information and resources for male, female, gay, lesbian, and transgender victims, Offers links to gender-inclusive research and nationally-known speakers on family violence.

Resources for Fathers Facing Divorce and Custody Concerns

Hampshire County (Mass.) Probate and Family Court Divorce InformationProvides information about the divorce process, definitions of legal terms, downloadable sample divorce and separation agreements, and links to mediation services.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

The Better Divorce Network

Center for Successful Fathering


 Divorced Dads

Divorce Headquarters 

Divorce Wizards

Fathers and Families

The Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange

National Center for Fathering

National Fatherhood Initiative

Men’s Health Resources 

Men's Health Resources 

Institute for Men’s Health and Well-BeingEmpowering men into the emotional well-being of intellectual awareness, physical excellence, emotional expression, and spiritual connection.

RESOLVE Non-profit, infertility education/ information, support, and referral. Infertility and Adoption Resource Center.

African American Aids Task Force (AAATF)Provides culturally specific prevention, education, and services to people of African descent living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS.

Men’s Health NetworkA national informational and educational organization recognizing Men’s Health as a specific social concern.

Men AliveResources for Living Long and Well, Men’s Health and Male Menopause by Jed Diamond.

Men’s HealthAn online magazine with a range of resources, games, surveys, quizzes, ask the sex doc, workouts, and more.

Sex Coaching / Sex EducationUpside Life Skill One-on-one, safe, and discreet sex coaching for men navigating life change or to gain sexual skill and understanding. Workshops, classes, or retreats on a variety of sexuality topics to suit your group or organization.

YOGA FOR MEN: FITNESS & FLOWWith Kevin Kortan. Ongoing classes that capitalize on your strengths and focus on increasing flexibility in a way that is effective, safe, and enjoyable.

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