Montreal Star Player Carey Price Talks About His Battle With Depression

Are you a man coping with mental health? Are you suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety? Here’s how Carey Price talks about his battle with depression and becomes an advocate for mental health awareness.

Carey Price is a world-renowned hockey player. He has played for Team Canada, the Montreal Canadiens, and the Calgary Flames.

Carey is also one of the most well-known athletes to discuss his battle with depression and anxiety openly.

How Depression Affects Price’s Career

Carey has said that he first started experiencing symptoms of depression during his time with the Montreal Canadiens. He felt like he could never please everyone and was constantly under a lot of pressure. 

Carey’s depression symptoms got so bad that he even considered quitting hockey altogether.

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Here’s a video of Marc Bergevin, Montreal’s general manager, speaking about the news that goaltender Carey Price will enter the NHL/NHLPA’s player assistance program:

Seek Help from Your Family, Friends, and the Professionals

Carey Price Family Support

Carey sought help from a therapist to manage his depression. He was eventually able to do it using medication and therapy.

Carey has been very open about his battle with mental health. He has said that it is something that he continues to struggle with, but he is grateful for the support of his family and friends. 

Now, he is an advocate for mental health awareness and wants to help break the stigma around mental health.

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Reach Out Support from MensGroup

Carey Price talks about his battle with depression is proof that even the most successful people can have mental health issues. He has shown that it is possible to manage those issues and live a happy and successful life.

Men’s Group is a self-help group where men struggling with depression can seek help and overcome mental health issues.