Lady Gaga Shares About Her Depression And Anxiety

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. 

She talked with Yale University about how she has been battling anxiety and depression since the 7th grade and how she still deals with it every day. She also explains how she found out what makes her unhappy in life, which has significantly helped her mental health. Watch the video here:

“I invented myself, Lady Gaga—I curated my life to be an expression of my pain. This is how I overcame my depression, by creating somebody that I felt was stronger than me. But…nothing was able to fix how I was genetically made. I was born this way. No matter how much success you have, no matter how many opportunities, fame, fortune—no matter how many people accept you, to your face, the person that really needs to accept you is you,” Gaga said. 

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Stop doing things that make you unhappy

She discusses the importance of finding emotional intelligence and to accept yourself as how you are. She also discusses how she needed to sit herself down and think about why she is unhappy at certain moments in her career. She found out that shaking people’s hands for hours and making fragrances to sell is something that makes her unhappy, so she stopped doing those things. “I feel sad when I’m overworked, and that I just become a money making machine, and that my passion and my creativity take a back seat. That makes me unhappy, it feels shallow. I have a lot more to offer than my image.” Finding those things that are affecting your mental health and not doing those things (if possible) can change your perspective. 

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Focus on the things that bring you fulfillment

She told Yale University that she changed her mind about quitting the music industry once she started saying no to things that didn’t bring her joy. Something that does bring her happiness and fulfillment is running her nonprofit called the Born This Way Foundation that teaches people they’re not alone with dealing with mental illness.

Lady Gaga Talks About Depression and Anxiety at Yale University 

She founded the Born This Way Foundation after writing her album, Born This Way. This foundation is committed to supporting the mental wellness of people and empowering them to create a more accepted world. She has also touched on Born This Way is aimed towards the LGBTQ community, letting that community know they are loved and should be proud of how they were born that way.

How Mensgroup can help

Our groups at Men’s Group often talk about how to cope with depression and anxiety in a healthy way. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression and/or anxiety, we can help! Visit our website for more info.