No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover: An Honest Book Review

If you haven’t yet read No More Mr. Nice Guy and you’re trying to learn how to set better boundaries with people and stop being a pushover nice guy, drop what you’re doing and read this book.

About No More Mr. Nice Guy

The novel by Dr. Robert A. Glover titled No More Mr. Nice Guy is a self help book that was published in 2003. Glover self diagnoses himself with having the Nice Guy Syndrome in the past. People with this syndrome suffer from these side effects: people walking all over them, saying yes to everything, not setting boundaries, and so forth. Glover’s intention of writing this book was to help others going through the same illness. If people do not figure out how to cure their Nice Guy Syndrome, they will most likely have problems of not reaching their goals and will prevent them from having authentic, healthy relationships. 

About the Author 

Dr. Robert Glover is internationally known for his take on the Nice Guy Syndrome. He has discussed his take on this topic on numerous platforms such as his book, workshops, online classes, blogs, podcasts, and therapy groups. 

Dr. Glover is also the creator of Dating Essentials for Men, a book that helps men in the dating world.

Don’t Let People Walk All Over You

The book talks a lot about not letting people walk all over you. Put your foot down and set boundaries. If you are a person that usually agrees with everyone to not get in a conflict, then practice disagreeing with others. This will help with putting a foot down and not let people take advantage of you. 

Don’t Fear Confrontation 

In his book, he explains that once you confront one person about something, it will be easier to do it to the next person you don’t agree with. Embracing confrontation will help the guy recovering from Nice Guy Syndrome to grow a backbone and know his worth in the workplace, in his friend group, in his relationship, and so forth. 

Set Boundaries

Dr. Glover strongly talks about the importance of setting boundaries with everyone in your life. He stresses that this is an important factor when recovering from the Nice Guy Syndrome. He said that setting boundaries will help tremendously in the dating world. Most women like a man who has their ideas, goals, and has respect for themselves. 

Dr. Robert A. Glover

Boundaries are a way of telling people that you have respect for yourself and that they can’t walk over you. Doing this might be difficult for some people. Maybe you’ve gone through life letting people take advantage of you. Maybe you’ve been frustrated and wonder why this keeps happening. The hard truth is: if you don’t set boundaries with people, you are letting this happen to yourself. 


Setting boundaries and telling people that you disagree with something doesn’t make you a jerk. It shows that you have respect for yourself, which will most likely make others respect you as well. Dr. Glover wants recovering nice guys to know how beneficial it is for their lives to stop being so nice to everyone and start pushing their opinions, doing what they want in their lives, and to not let people walk all over them. Doing this will help guys get to the next step in their lives. 

Who Could Benefit From Reading This Book?

If you are someone who is needing help with setting boundaries, standing up for yourself, developing a backbone, then the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy with Dr. Robert Glover” is for you.

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