Men’s Work by Paul Kivel: A Comprehensive Book Review

Men's Work by Paul Kivel

Men’s work in literal spec may seem to be just the opposite of women’s work. Even without reading men’s work the book, one may assume that men’s work involves disciplining children and repairing appliances at home or work. When one thinks of a man working the thing that comes into mind is him being hands-on things or doing the hard work that a woman would seemingly not handle.

This may not be the case when according to the men’s work book. Men’s work is traditionally defined as work that is undertaken by men and is suited only for men, especially that related to heavy manual work. Men’s work may be put out differently in the book that will be reviewed in this article.

About the Men’s Work Book

Welcome to men’s work, a book written by Paul Kivel, and is built to help men confront the social, political, and personal forces that generate and reward hatred, misogyny, violent behavior, and anger.  This is done by creating awareness, educating, volunteering, and advocacy. Stories related to child abuse, sexual harassment, rape, incest, war, and violent acts are connected and to men perpetrating them.

Men’s work according to the author is crucial for men, women, and society at large. Through his book, Kivel helps men confront the social, political, and personal forces that generate and reward hatred, anger, misogyny, and violent behavior.

The book presents a workable and innovative approach to stopping male violence. He shows men how to bring back the responsibility and power that they ought to own to themselves and break away from the lessons of aggression and control. Kivel is a nationally known expert on issues dealing with men.

The men’s work book gives men the tools to make other choices other than violence and helps understand the consequences of their violent behaviors. If you dig much deeper into the book, it helps a man learn the roots of male violence, the role of violence in their lives, and the actions they could take to change their responses.

Men's Work

About the Author of the Men’s Work Book

Paul Kivel resides in Oakland, California. He is attached to the Oakland men’s project that helps men change and confront behaviors that are violent and consequently teach alternatives to violence in their relationships. In addition to that, he trains therapists, teachers, probation officers, and agency staff who liaise with men in various sectors of life.

The topics Kivel trains on are alternatives to violence, male/female relationships, sexual assault, and family violence. If anyone is looking out for a gift card to surprise a man in their lives, it could be your husband, father, brother, or friend, you could find the men’s work book by Paul Kivel on amazon and purchase it for them. This would be the best way to read Paul’s insights on men’s work as he highlights in his book do not sell my personal information.

Why Men’s Work Is Crucial

Lucien Lecarme writes on the reason why men’s work is so crucial for men, women, and society at large. He points out how feminism has hit the dailies and is often publicized. This hence becomes the sign that men are getting displaced by women getting the new role as a result of their freedom battle for decennia.

The fight for E-man-icipation is no longer a fight but moreover a self-discovery journey that throws off old role models, and redefines what it means to a 21st-century man. Men have since discovered that they cannot walk this road alone and need their fellow men. This has as a result made men’s work be on the rise.

Why Men Should Find Sense in Men’s Work

In the real sense, women have always been together in groups, as they would gather in caves, villages, and other shelters to gather seeds, save the environments, roots, and berries. This is not a new thing, but a continuous path for women that keeps growing. Women would be found together raising children, creating strong bonds, and at this time, men would be on the other side hunting, protecting the clan, and stirring wars with invading tribes.

Instead of gathering together as men, they would sometimes go out and steal other clan’s women and this will all be to safeguard the procrastination of their tribe. Such acts bring out the differences between women and men in showcasing their true empowerment in society. Women would take up their battle for freedom, emancipation, autonomy, equality, and freedom while men took the downhill battle.

In the United States, women started voting in 1920, which is proof that women have battled for centuries now to gain their rights that were automatically meant for men. It is time that men stand up through the men’s work championed by Paul Kivel and get accessibility to the book to see some great progress in your life as a man.

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How Mensgroup Relates to Men’s Work

Similar to the men’s work book, the benefits that come with the Mensgroup are enormous. If a man joins the mensgroup work support group they will be happier and successful in life. Men get to share their ups and downs, what they go through, what they think about, and exchange ideas as well.

From such a meet up with other men, men emerge inspired and enriched. Learning from one another and collaborating in different group projects help members of mensgroup to be better men than they were before joining Mensgroup. These are the same principles encourages in Men’s Work.

Another advantage that comes with joining a men’s group is that men get to really learn and gain a deeper understanding of their role as men at home and in society without their ideas being washed down by societal expectations or negative masculinity.

The facilitators that are also part of the support groups give advice after hearing the members share their issues. This advice can go a long way in ensuring a man enjoys some peace of mind and acquires solutions to unsolvable issues.

The socializing that comes with men congregating together in men’s forum build real friendships that can last a lifetime. A man gets to meet new people who will impact their life positively. They get to exchange contacts and can continue bonding even after a support group session has ended. Out of these friendships, one can find solace, a shoulder to lean on, great company, and people who understand and want the best for them.

men's support group Edmonton

About the Mensgroup

If a man is looking for a platform, they could get solutions to violent acts, Men’s Group is the answer. Lack of a support system is one of the major causes of violent acts amongst men. Mensgroup is an online men’s work support group that offers group support, help, and guidance to men. It is a work network of men ready and willing to help others like them through shared life experiences.

Mensgroup uses different group activities for service delivery. The work session will equip you with all the information you need to overcome your issues and lead a better life as a man. It is more than just a men’s work support group. It offers emotional support to those that need solace.

Other men’s support groups that are offered by Mensgroup are those that tackle challenges on improving communication for a man in his family, workplace, or in society. There are also Mensgroup support groups on topics dealing with divorce and breakups, nice guy syndrome, managing emotions, being a dad, motivation, and finally on work and purpose.

The Mensgroup is a rounded support forum that aims to build up an all-rounded man by giving them a platform where they can speak out their issues with no judgment and learn from each other. In this support group, a man is assured of confidentiality and understanding. The Mensgroup online support group is the best choice for any man who needs to feel seen, appreciated, and honored.

In the online support group meetups, a man has the option to participate with their video turned off and they could mute their voice as well. As an online support group for men, the group has an experienced men’s group facilitator that offer impactful topics of conversation and offer a community for men who are interested in self -improvement. The facilitators in the men’s works support groups also offer solutions to issues discussed in the group by listening in and establishing ways to solve the problem.

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There are numerous men’s community support groups in different parts of the United States. If you are a man looking for a men’s community support group after reading the men’s workbook, Mensgroup is one of the best options today. Join their online platform and learn how to develop your inner self and become a better man, just as the book recommends.

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