Male Loneliness – An Epidemic Of Lonely Men

Did you know that male loneliness is as bad for your physical health as smoking and worse for your health than obesity? Yet, why are a lot of men closed-minded about talking about why they might be lonely? Harris O’Malley from talks about why this could be in the video below.


O’Malley starts out his video by asking “how many close friends do you have?” And he says that “close friends” are not just guys you drink beers with regularly. He classifies close friends as people you can call in the middle of the night if there is an emergency. He explains that men often do not have people whom they share deep, emotional connections with, except with their girlfriends, partner, or wives. Here’s what Brad Pitt’s thoughts on numbing tough feelings such as regrets and loneliness.

Meaningful Relationships Can Enhance Your Health

O’Malley explains that men with a bigger social circle and community ties have less cortisol running through their bodies and have a smaller chance of developing depression. He believes that having more friends literally enhances your health. 

So Why Are Men Actually Feeling Lonely?

If men are happier and healthier if they have stronger emotional connections with their friends, why aren’t men changing this stigma? O’Malley explains that becoming more emotionally engaged with your buddies has been ingrained in men’s minds that they’re essentially less of a man if you do so. Being masculine in our society means that emotions can not be shown other than laughter or anger around our other masculine peers. The truth is, all humans have an array of emotions that will come out one way or another. 

4 Ways to Make Meaningful Relationships

prevent male loneliness by building real friends

Now that you know the meaning of why a lot of men feel lonely, here are some ideas on how to find friends who you can share deeper connections with. On the other hand, you might want to check our article on Surviving a Breakup with Russell Brand.

Join a Gym

Get involved at a fitness facility by taking classes and asking the guys you are working out with to get together after the workout. And don’t fall into the trap of just going to a pub. Invite your new friends over for a tea or go to a coffee shop and get to know each other.


Doing volunteer work doesn’t just feel good, it helps you meet new people. You might find that hanging out with guys you meet at a volunteer group are different relationships you find at work. 

Open Up

You might have guys you see regularly, but do not talk about pressing matters. Open up to your friends and see what happens. Maybe they will do the same. 

Join a Men’s Group

You would be surprised how many men are not opening up to their friends but are opening up to a group of strangers. Maybe they don’t want to burden their friends with their challenges or might feel they may be judged. This is where men’s groups come in! During a men’s group, guys can open up about what is actually going on in their lives. Want to learn more about this? Submit your email at this website Men’s Group to join a free online men’s group to see if it is for you.

Russell Brand on Loneliness


Russell Brand talks about loneliness and how to fix it in the video above. In this video, Brand talks about how he coped with his girlfriend breaking up with him when he was 24 years old. He explains that alcohol was his way of coping with emotions. From doing self-work, he now knows how to deal with the emotions that revolve around loneliness. 

“Solitude can be beautiful. Loneliness can be a desperate state. It is natural for us to belong to communities,” Brand said. He suggests finding peace with being alone, but also make an effort to engage in social activities. Balance is key. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about muscle dysmorphia, follow blogs today.