Dr. Gabor Mate – Most Therapy Sucks. How to Find a Good One

Dr. Gabor Maté weighs in on why most therapy sucks for most people living with trauma, the role the current mental health training plays, and why it is essential to find a specialized therapist.

Dr. Gabor Maté is a renowned speaker and bestselling author who is highly sought after for his expertise on various topics, including addiction, stress, and childhood development. He weaves scientific research, case histories, and his insights and experience to present a broad perspective that enlightens and empowers people to promote their healing and those around them.


The average psychiatrist doesn’t get any training in trauma. They learned something about PTSD, which is a specific form of trauma, but they don’t learn about the traumatic basis of depression and anxiety and ADHD, and so that makes it very difficult to find good help within the medical system.”

When dealing with trauma, one of the things one is told they need to do is find a therapist. Without the correct information, most people often end up with therapists with very little to no knowledge about healing trauma or helping people living with trauma. Lack of specialized help makes it difficult to find healing or learn valuable coping techniques for the specific trauma.


Many therapists also don’t get any such training. There’s a lot of therapists that are designed only to change your beliefs and your behaviors but not to address the fundamental reasons for those behaviors. They just don’t know much about or anything about trauma, then they can’t help you with the fundamental wound that you’re carrying.”

Dr. Maté believes that the only way to heal trauma is by addressing the core cause of the trauma, the fundamental wound. This is only achievable when you find a therapist specializing in healing that type of trauma.

So what you have to look for is somebody who’s trauma-informed and is willing to work with you not just on your behaviors but on your core wound.”

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