Joe Rogan On Being The Hero Of Your Own Story: Motivation & Discipline

Do you find yourself getting in the way of your success? Why might that be? Joe Rogan in his podcast “Be the hero of your own movie” talks about why that might be and how to change your mindset to achieve your goals.


Starting at 3 minutes and 4 seconds of the podcast, Rogan explains that the best advice to change your life is to act like your life is a movie, and you are the superhero starring in it. He says that starting now, picture yourself at your lowest, but you will eventually get to where you want to be. 

“Live your life like there is a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior,” Rogan said. 

How to Get Where You Want to Be

Rogan suggests that there are a few ways to get the life you want. Such as:

Don’t Give Into Resistance

Resistance is the voice telling you that you will do your work later, or you will start your diet tomorrow. Resistance is the thing in your mind that is telling you not to apply for a job because you will not get it anyway. This voice is not real and you will need to fight through those voices to get to where you want to be. “90% of success is just showing up. Get there and start working. You’re not going to feel perfect every day. There’s gotta be those days you push through.”

Write Things Down

Joe Rogan podcast about Motivation & Discipline

Rogan explains to write things down that you want, and go out and get those things. Write down things you want to fix and make a checklist of what you need to do, and do those things. Seeing your tasks on paper will help you organize your thoughts and will be satisfying to check off those tasks that you need to better your life. 

Push Through Discomfort

Rogan explains that discomfort is your friend. Force yourself to do it. Rogan explains that most people avoid uncomfortable things, like sharing their feelings, but he explains that doing the things that make you uncomfortable will get you to your goals. 

Don’t Let Your Past Get in Your Way

Don’t let your past failures take away your confidence in achieving your goals. “We define ourselves far too often by our past failures. That’s not you. You are this person right now. You’re the person who has learned from those failures. Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired.” Rogan said. 

John Paul Dejoria Went From Homeless to Billionaire

John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products, and The Patrón Spirits Company is one example of starting from nothing and making a success from challenges.  He explains when things go wrong in your life, you can’t feel sorry for yourself. (This is what you learn in Men’s Group). He says to do everything you can to get out of the hardship. 

He explains in the video that his wife left him, took his money which meant he and his son were forced to sleep in his car. To improvise, he collected cans to get some money to get into a place. He showered at parks and found restaurants that had happy hour deals and dollar drinks which also included chips and salsa, and that was dinner for him. 

In this video, Dejororia explains that rejection was his motivation for starting his career. He explains that every rejection he received, it motivated him to keep working harder. At 14 minutes and 30 seconds, he explains that he was fired from multiple jobs but every time that happened, he learned something positive from it.