How to Calmly Stand Up to Unreason-ability

It is common to encounter unreasonable people throughout life. This is what happened to Laurence Fox at a bar when a patron termed him as ‘racist’ based on the widely publicized defamation case against him. How do you stand up to unreasonable people?

Laurence Fox is an English actor, broadcaster, musician, and political activist. A member of the British entertainment industry’s Fox family, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and debuted in the film The Hole (2001). His best-known role is James Hathaway in the TV drama series Lewis (2006–2015). He has also released a studio album titled Holding Patterns (2016).


What happened to Laurence in this video is nothing new. It is common for people to judge others based on information they get from a third party. While people are entitled to their own opinions, it should be unacceptable for people to walk around parading their opinions as the absolute truth.

I am a racist, that is alright, you can hold the opinion that am racist and that is fine, but have you got any evidence to back that up?’

When Laurence confronts the bar patron about his comments, the guy and his friend decide to leave the bar. This is usually what happens when you confront unreasonable people. Most of them are not able to defend their standpoint and instead choose to run.

While Laurence is not new to political controversy, people need to be allowed to express their opinions and views freely. What is not right is to be labeled in a certain way because of holding a different opinion on social issues.

The best way to stand up for yourself when confronted by unreasonableness is to confront the individual. Most unreasonable people cannot defend their standpoints and opinions. This is often because what they think they know is only influenced by what they read or watch on the news. Very few people take the time to research further on issues before they form their own opinions.

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