A Men’s Group in Ottawa: Top 3 Men’s Support Groups in Ottawa

Are you looking for a men’s group in Ottawa? Have you been looking for information on men’s groups located in Ottawa? Do you know a loved one who would benefit from joining a men’s group in Ottawa? Are you looking for recommendations for the best men’s support groups in Ottawa?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, and I have been facilitating men’s groups for more than 10 years. In my years of working with men, I have seen first-hand the importance of being part of a men-only community as a man.

A men’s group is a safe space where men, young or old, can come to get support and where men’s issues are shared and explored freely.

If you are a Canadian man interested in self-development and improvement, joining a men’s group in Ottawa will arm you with the skills you need to lead a happy and healthy life, even as you learn how to become a better man.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about joining men’s groups in Ottawa.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

 What Is a Men’s Group?

A men’s group is a type of forum meant to offer support to men. It is created for men by other men in different localities. In the right men’s group, a man can experience healing, personal growth, success, and happiness.

Simply put, a men’s group is a gathering of like-minded men who occasionally meet to support and challenge one another to become the best version of themselves.

For many generations, support groups were created to offer support and guidance to women. Society had long ignored men’s emotional needs because men were deemed strong and fearless, thus without the need for support and self-esteem boost.

The man is expected to be the head of the house, thus expected to provide the basic and emotional needs of his family while managing their parental duties. Like women, men can feel the pressure that comes with these societal expectations of what a man should be, and this can affect men’s health.

According to statistics, out of every 5-suicide cases in Canada, 4 are men. Without proper support, men too can crack under pressure. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best Men’s Group in Vancouver, then join mensgroup.com today!

Men's Group in Ottawa

In recent times, this narrative has slowly changed. There are men’s support groups popping up in different parts of the world, including Ottawa, eastern Ontario, larger Ottawa area, Toronto, and Quebec. Men’s Support groups such as Mensgroup, men & healing, and the Mankind project are created exclusively to offer men peer support. 

These support services groups offer a free and safe space where men can drop-in at any time to share, learn, and support one another. You can also access support by calling the toll free number offered by these men’s support groups online. 

In a men’s group, men no longer have to feel ashamed or shy of their experiences. Every group member has probably been through a similar issue and is thus willing to help men in need.

Whether you are looking for mental health support for men, a divorce support group for men, a chronic illness support group for men, or career advancement advice and guidance, joining a men’s group with the best testimonials in Ottawa can be one of the best decisions you ever make. On the other hand, if you’re looking for information about Men’s Group in Quebec City, then follow mensgroup.com now.

Why Should You Join a Men’s Group in Ottawa?

There are many reasons for men to join men’s groups in Ottawa. As a man, being part of a supportive men-only community is enough reason to be part of a men’s group in Ottawa. Other reasons to join men’s groups include:

The man requires challenge and feedback to grow.

Men are associated with masculine energy that can be nurtured positively through challenges and feedback. Men find it easier to improve at anything when they are pushed and when they consistently get feedback on their progress.

In a men’s group, men learn how to be in touch with their complete selves. This helps to see and learn of personal blindsides, which is usually a hindering aspect of self-improvement.

When you join a men’s group in Ottawa, you are guided on how to improve in all areas of your life. Members of the group are allowed to call out the parts of your life that you are blind to and any habits that do not support growth.

Men’s groups help to Fight Loneliness.

According to statistics, loneliness can increase the chance of premature death by up to 30%. When men are lonely, they tend to self-isolate, which often leads to chronic stress and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.

To overcome loneliness, men need to be part of a supportive community where they feel understood and accepted. A men’s group makes it possible for men to meet other men who understand, which goes a long way in preventing loneliness. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best Men’s Group in Calgary, then join mensgroup.com today!

men's support group Ottawa

Men’s groups improve intimate relationships.

Regardless of a man’s sexual orientation, being part of a men’s group positively influences their personal relationships. As a man, any relationship’s quality is directly related to the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.

To be able to love and accept yourself fully, you need first to learn who you are all rounded. Attending a men’s group meeting in Ottawa will build your emotional intelligence and self-esteem, making it easier for you to connect emotionally with others around you. 

Being part of a men’s group in Ottawa teaches you how to build a better relationship with your true self and others in your life. This can go a long way if you want to become a better spouse, father, brother, or son.

In a men’s group, you will get a support system where you can learn, share, and get the help you need to become a better partner.

A support system when times get tough.

Even though your life might be perfect now, sometimes life can get difficult, and you may need a support system instead of weathering the tough times alone. Being part of a men’s group when things are going well ensures you have a supportive network ready to offer support, guidance, and advice to help you through the tough times.

As a member of a men’s group, you will always have a support system for all seasons of life, including loss, heartbreak, failure, and even mental health issues.

You meet like-minded men.

Being part of a men’s support group like the mensgroup or the Mankind project in Ottawa puts you in the company of like-minded modern men.

Men’s groups are meant to bring together people with different interests and common issues. Being in a small gathering of men who share similar interests leaves no room for misunderstanding, judgment, or ridicule. In this safe space, men can freely share and support each other.

Apart from offering support, being a member of a men’s group introduces you to other interests like sports, hiking, and camping, among other outdoor activities.

You accomplish more in life.

A men’s group is a platform that connects you with a group of fellow men for support and accountability as you work on your self-improvement.

Most men prefer to keep their goals, dreams, failures, and successes to themselves because they lack a space where they can share freely. When a dream, idea, or vision is not shared, it takes longer to accomplish because you have no accountability.

Being part of a men’s group equips you with the resources required to help you achieve your goals. Some of the men in the group can be mentors to help you in your journey, while others can connect you with peers who can help you achieve your goals. On the other hand, if you’re looking for information about Men’s Group in Saskatoon, then follow mensgroup.com now.

Recommendations for the Best Men’s Groups in Ottawa 

men's support groups in Ottawa

CCMF Canada (Canadian Centre for Men and Families)

CCMF Canada is an Ottawa based men and family support organization that specifically offer support to men going through divorce, custody battles, and other fathering issues that affect men and families. This is a community service organization that offers different programs, including legal advice and assistance, therapy and counseling, peer support for men. It is also a safe haven for male survivors of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and domestic violence. 

Mankind Project

The Mankind Project is a group of non-charitable organizations with offices in different parts of Canada, including Ottawa and other parts of the world. It runs challenging but highly successful programs and counseling services that target men and women in different life stages as part of family service delivery. They have programs that support men in their quest to become better and make a difference for future generations with available community resources.


If you prefer not to attend in-person meetings, Men’s Group is an online-based men’s group that offers support, advice, and help to men for the betterment of their well-being.

You, too, can become part of this ever-growing resource centre and community, whether you live in Ottawa or the furthest corner of the world, Mensgroup is available, which is the benefit of online support groups. Mensgroup facilitates different online short-term and long-term men’s support programs. Whether you need mentoring or a support group to heal from sexual abuse, there is a group for every man on mensgroup.com. 

You can check the website for the contact information. 


With so many men’s groups in different parts of Ottawa to choose from, the best way to figure out which men’s group will work for you is by going out there and try them for yourself. If you are looking for a support group to get you through this covid-19 pandemic, mensgroup is one of the best options today. As an online-based support group, you can get guidance, advice, or support at any time of the day.

The possibilities of success once you join a men’s group are tremendous. Whichever group you join, you are sure to become happier and healthier.

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