Jordan Peterson – Why & How Men Can Communicate Better

Effective communication is an essential ingredient for success in all aspects of life. It is possible to achieve it through daily practice, paying attention to individuals, and engaging in conversation with the audience. Here is how you can become more articulate, as explained by Jordan Peterson.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a psychologist, author, online educator, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. He also taught some of the most highly regarded courses at Harvard throughout his career while publishing over a hundred well-cited scientific papers with his students and co-authors. His podcast has frequently topped the charts in the education category.


“To become articulate, read and write down your thoughts daily for 15 minutes, expand your knowledge beyond what you speak about, and practice synthesizing information through reading.”

When people define articulateness, they often mean the ability to use the right words when speaking to people. This includes knowing which words to use for different conversations for others to understand the message being communicated.

Most public speakers go through public speaking training to make them more articulate. Learning to be articulate comes with immense benefits other than using proper grammar.

  • When you are articulate, you become more competent and appear to understand the topic more.
  • Being articulate boosts your confidence in any environment that requires you to speak to people.
  • You become more confident about your ideas and thoughts on different topics.
  • Articulating helps others to see you as a leader, helping you stand out from your peers.


“If you’re going to speak effectively, you have to know way more than you’re talking about.”

So, what do you need to do to become a better communicator?

First, you have to deal with input. This includes reading more on broader topics.

“To do that you have to do a lot of reading because that’s where the synthesizing comes from.”

Address the individual

” When speaking to a group, remember that you are addressing individuals, not a collective, so approach it as if you are having a conversation with each person individually.”

When speaking to a group, pay attention to the individuals and gauge their engagement. This will allow you to adjust accordingly and present yourself well.

Use non-verbal cues

Your listeners will present non-verbal cues that can tell you when and how to adjust your communication. Take time to engage in a conversation with the people in the audience to gauge their understanding. In so doing, you can adjust your speech to meet them at their points of need.

Learning how to communicate is the most effective way to become competent in everything you do. Being a good communicator is essential in any profession, including carpentry, as it significantly enhances one’s skills and abilities.”

If you want to succeed in life, you have to learn how to become an effective communicator: how to be articulate.

Being able to articulate yourself effectively is crucial for success in life, as it enhances your negotiation skills and attracts opportunities.”

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