Kale Brock – Find Your Boring. It’s Beautiful

In a fast-paced world where everyone strives to live a life that is as interesting as possible, how do you find comfort and peace in leading a slower-paced life most people would consider boring? Kale Brock shares how he learned to be happy in what most people would call a slow, boring existence that is his life.

Kale Brock is an award-nominated writer, filmmaker, and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative storytelling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. He is the author of internationally acclaimed books, including The Gut Healing Protocol, The Art of Probiotic Nutrition, Mandy Microbe’s Big Gut Adventure, & The Longevity Book.


When the pandemic hit, the world quickly changed from a fast-paced existence to what most people would consider boring. Suddenly, everyone was expected to reevaluate what they viewed as normal to fit into this new dynamic.

While life changed for most people, it did not for others. The group that was least affected comprised people who led a slow-paced ‘boring’ life long before the pandemic.

If you lead a life that most people consider boring, it is normal to feel pressured to fit into an idea of existence that seems more ideal for the people around you. This is something even Kale struggles with.

“Being a part of the YouTube Universe I often feel a certain pressure to portray my life as far more interesting than it is. The most successful YouTubers seem to always be moving, chasing new and exciting things, and meeting new people.”

When you decide to lead a quiet, boring life, it is normal to battle with the discomfort that sometimes feels like shame or FOMO that makes you question your choices to remain indoors or alone. It is normal to wonder whether choosing a slow-paced life is better than meeting up with friends or acquaintances or existing in a fast-paced environment.


To get through these moments of doubt, you have to remember that leading your life the way you feel most comfortable is a way of honoring your true self. Living as your authentic self allows you to come into contact with people who share your beliefs in your natural environment.

If you have been thinking about leading a less-paced life, this is your sign to find your boring and love it. Allow yourself to be in tune with your authentic self. Give yourself time to enjoy your favorite activities, even when it means doing them alone.

“The most important thing for me now is to be as unapologetically myself as I can. Attuning to a lifestyle that feels most authentic to me simply brings more joy and happiness to my own boring little existence.”

In a world that calls people to hide their true selves behind fake online presence and filters to seek validation for their existence, slowing down will teach you that being boring is the most authentic and exciting way to live.

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