Roman Zanoni – How to Repel a Narcissist

Roman Zanoni talks about growing up with a narcissistic other and how his childhood experiences helped to shape his ability to repel narcissists. He also shares tips on how individuals can stop the cycle of abuse and protect themselves from being easy prey to narcissists.

Roman Zanoni is the founder of Mind Coaching and Therapy and a highly-rated independent therapist in Chicago. He is also an American artist, trauma recovery specialist, filmmaker, lyricist, and philanthropist.


Predators are looking all the time for their next victim whether it’s someone who is a psychopath a serial killer, or it’s someone who’s your common everyday family member coworker who’s just looking to get a little bit more for themselves.”

Roman discusses the importance of being alert to predators who are always looking for their next prey. According to Roman, predators often prey on people with low confidence and self-esteem. They will seldom prey on individuals with high levels of confidence or people who seem like they can fight back.

Therefore, one way you can repel a narcissist is by asserting your confidence wherever you go and standing up for yourself.

“They’re looking for people who show that they do not have confidence.”

Roman also talks about the need for individuals to learn to be ok with being themselves. He says that narcissists generally prey on codependent people. Learning to be alone without being lonely puts you at an advantage since it shows a willingness to walk away if anyone in your life is narcissistic.

The sigma is doing their own thing. They’re not concerned about the group. They’re not trying to be with the group. They don’t feel the need to be with or around other people. The sigma is self-reliant. They take care of themselves. They find their own happiness doing things for themselves, so they embrace the idea that they could be alone for a certain period, and that’s normal to them.”

Ultimately, remaining genuine and authentic to yourself is the best way to repel a narcissist. When you are authentic to yourself, you are not afraid to say no to people, you put your needs before other people’s needs, and you are not afraid to set healthy boundaries to protect your mental health.

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