Adrian Grenier – Porn Addiction and Seminal Retention

Can seminal retention be used to cure porn addiction? Adrian Grenier talks about how seminal retention helped him overcome his porn addiction and why it can be helpful to porn addicts to develop a healthier relationship with sex.

Adrian Sean Grenier is an American actor, producer, director, musician and sustainable living philanthropist. He is best known for the television series Entourage. He has also appeared in other films, including Drive Me Crazy, The Devil Wears Prada, Trash Fire, Marauders, and Clickbait on Netflix.


For porn addicts, nothing can bring them more joy than finally overcoming the hook porn has on their brain. Most addicts have tried just about anything in an attempt to quit the habit, from porn addiction therapies to lifestyle changes and even medication.

Semen retention is one of the methods used to treat porn addiction. This method helps porn addicts by improving their sexual experience with real-life significant others. Semen retention re-sparks sexual attraction between partners by taking the focus off porn and back to a partner.

Semen retention is an ancient sexual practice believed to improve one’s emotional, physical and spiritual energies. Through this practice, men intentionally avoid ejaculating and abstaining from sexual activity, including watching porn.

There are numerous benefits associated with semen retention. For porn addicts, the immediate benefit is the ability to experience intense orgasms with a real-life partner.

According to people who have practiced semen retention, it helps boost libido and lust over real-life partners.

Sex with real-life partners is one of the areas most affected by porn addiction. This is because porn addicts find self-pleasuring more fulfilling compared to intercourse.


The theory behind this idea is that semen retention can increase the intensity of real-life orgasms enough to help one overcome the high they get from masturbating to porn.

“When I finally experienced porn again after not having it for so long it (the orgasm) was so strong and powerful that it scared me. It was like whoa, that, it’s a drug that I I’d gotten so accustomed to that I had grown a tolerance to, I was popping it like it was nothing. Then I through that through the elimination and then the reintroduction, I realized, that is something I want to be careful with.” 

While there has been little to no research supporting the idea that semen retention can help cure porn addiction, many males, including Adrian Grenier, swear by the method as a way of reclaiming their sexual power.

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