Douglas Murray – How to Think for Yourself & Resist The “Woke”

In a recent podcast episode, Douglas Murray talks to Chris Williamson about a wide range of topics, including current global events, the body positivity movement, the collapse of grand narratives, and the impact of material conditions on people’s lives. He also delves into the concept of truth and the importance of personal agency.

Douglas Murray is a British author and conservative political commentator. He founded the Centre for Social Cohesion in 2007, which became part of the Henry Jackson Society, where he was associate director from 2011 to 2018. He is currently an associate editor of the conservative British political and cultural magazine The Spectator.

In this podcast, Douglas Murray shares his opinion on different issues, with most of it centering on the need for people to learn how to think for themselves and determine what works for them. Murray expresses concern about the need for more agreement on historical events and the erosion of the concept of truth in society, which is attributable to the influence of social media and the rapid pace of news.

Most social media platforms and news channels are focused more on viewer numbers than on the message they send to the world. Most listeners do not bother to fact-check issues and instead believe what their favorite brand, influencer, or news channel sells as truth.

Murray discusses the need to remain objective and refrain from taking other people’s experiences on issues like self-improvement as universal principles.

He advocates for a more positive and heroic narrative for the future. One that encourages individuals to embrace uncertainty and embark on their unique adventures.

He also touches on the lack of clarity in life and the fear of failure, which often prevents people from taking risks and pursuing their dreams. Murray emphasizes the importance of resilience and the need to challenge the prevailing narrative of hopelessness and victimhood. He encourages individuals to seek their own path and not be swayed by societal pressures or the fear of failure.


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