Matt Damon – How to Deal with Adversities

Wikipedia describes adversity as difficulties or misfortunes. Adversities are a staple in life; at some point, everyone experiences them. Here is how to ensure you do not sink under the weight when adversity comes knocking in your life.


“At some point everything’s going to go south on you and you’re going to say this is how I end.” 

Everyone faces adversity. For some, it could come in the form of failing to get a promotion at work, while for others, diversity can be in the form of an illness, living in abject poverty, or loss. Sometimes, it can be an accumulation of never-ending issues that leave you desperate.

You can either succumb to the adversities you face or work your way through them.

“Now, you can either accept that or you can get to work. That’s all it is.” 

Getting through diversity is challenging, even with the right mindset. To succeed, you need to use different approaches until you come up with the best solution.

“You just begin, you do the math, you solve one problem.”

How can you face adversity?

There are numerous ways of coping with adversity. Whenever a difficult and unexpected situation arises, it is always important to remember that you have choices. You are in control of your attitude toward the situation.

You must also remember that you can ask for help and seek alternative ways of addressing an issue. Consider reaching out to loved ones or the people you trust. This connection to others will give you the strength to overcome the problems.

“Then you solve the next one and then the next. If you solve enough problems, you get to come home.”

Overcoming adversity is essential since you get to learn valuable lessons along the way about life and yourself. Also, overcoming obstacles meant to derail us is the only way to get ahead in life.