Overly-Woke Support Group

A video on Vimeo explores the dangers of the focus of the woke culture on language in a support group to the extent of it overshadowing any efforts of an overly-woke support group in actually helping the member address the core issues that brought them to the support group, which is being overly woke.



In Western culture, the term ‘woke’ has become a symbol of modern culture war for both left- and right-wing persons. Even so, the origin of the woke culture is not as modern. It first emerged in the United States in the 1940s when the term ‘woke’ was used to describe an individual who was well-informed on issues related to social justice, with particular emphasis on the rights of black people and racism.

Woke people in the 40s were alert and aware of the systemic harm and discrimination African Americans experienced, similar to being awakened from a slumber.

In the modern day, the woke term is used as a watchword for various social movements centering on the rights of people in different demographics. Some issues tackled in the woke culture include LGBTQ issues, immigration, human rights, feminism, marginalized communities, and climate change.

While originally created for the good of the people, woke culture can be weaponized. Wokism has led to an overcorrection in society. Just like in the video above, being overly woke can make basic communication impossible. It has the potential to diminish the value of important conversations as people focus more on language than the message.

The woke culture has also brought rise to the cancel culture. Celebrities and public figures have been ‘canceled’ for doing or saying something that failed to sit well with woke individuals. This canceling encourages social media bullying by shaming and criticizing the offender. This act goes against the foundation on which Wokism was formed to protect and fight for human rights.

It is easy to agree that there is an overdue need to correct Wokism. It is important to redefine what it is and what it is not. Woke people must proceed mindfully to avoid unintended consequences of an otherwise noble course. Without that, Wokism can quickly turn into the road to hell that was paved with good intentions.

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