Bill Burr – Narcissists Are F*cked

It is widely known that having a narcissistic individual in your life is mentally and physically exhausting. Because of their exaggerated sense of self-worth, having a mutually beneficial relationship with them is impossible. In this video, Bill Burr talks to Steph Tolev about his resolution to cut narcissistic people off.

Bill Burr is an American comedian, Grammy Award nominee actor, writer and podcaster. He has been ranked in the Rolling Stone list – “50 Best Standup Comics of All Time.” Some of his standup specials include You People Are All the Same (2012), I’m Sorry You Feel That Way (2014), Walk Your Way Out (2017) and Paper Tiger (2019).


“There’s a few people you know that I know that are like narcissists, and it’s really painful because I love them, and you cannot help a narcissist. You just can’t help them.”

Bill notes that narcissists are wired differently, and that makes it impossible to have a healthy relationship with them. Narcissists tend to reframe situations and make them what they are not. They then sell this lie they create in their heads as universal truths. Trying to find common ground with them will only leave you frustrated.

They can’t see it, and even if you call them out on what they did right in the act, I feel like they just go into (their head) and then immediately re-edit the footage in their head, and then it’s locked like a movie and then that memory.”

Bill noted that he was having thoughts about the narcissists in his life while he was having an episode on mushrooms. He thinks that not even a mushroom experience can help narcissists. He feels that narcissists are incapable of looking externally for solutions since they believe they hold all the answers.

You know I cut that out like anyone whenever I get the narcissism Vibes.”

“You’re just signing yourself up for never-ending frustration and like no accountability, and you’re not getting anything back from this person. Narcissists are never that fun.”

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