Jordan Peterson – Look Where You Least Want To For What You Need

Humans suffer deeply from a feeling that they can become much more than they currently are. Often, most people know what they need to do to become the better version they envision themselves as. Fear is the only thing holding most people back from taking their lives to the next level.

Jordan Peterson talks about the need to overcome fear and look where you least want to get to where you want to be in life.

Dr Jordan B. Peterson is a psychologist, author, online educator, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. He taught some of the most highly regarded courses at Harvard and the University of Toronto for twenty years while publishing over a hundred well-cited scientific papers with his students and co-authors. His podcast has frequently topped the charts in the education category.


“There’s this old story that’s from King Arthur, and King Arthur has these Knights. They all sit around a round table which means they’re roughly equal that’s what the round table means. And they’re off to find the Holy Grail, and the Holy Grail is the most valuable object, that’s what it means. So they’re off to find the most valuable thing. But they don’t know what it is and they don’t know where it is. But they know that there’s a most valuable thing.”

This story is relatable to the lives of most people today. While it is easy to pursue things that come easy to you, most people fear venturing into the unknown to pursue the things they need to lead a better life.

The fear that holds them back is mainly the fear of the unknown. Pursuing these new things means venturing into places most people do not want to go. These places can seem monstrous since they are new.

“But then there’s another place that you don’t want to go. And so you haven’t gone there and you haven’t mastered it and you’re very small in comparison to it because you haven’t mastered it and so it has this monstrous aspect.”

For instance, if you live with unaddressed trauma, it is possible to go through most of your life ignoring this trauma because it is unfamiliar, and getting help can seem like a huge task. However, in time, this trauma affects different areas of your life.


To advance in life or lead a better life, you must consider addressing these traumas that hold you back.

“If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s where you haven’t gone that you need to go. And so it’s frequently the case that “what you want to find is to be found where you least want to find it.”

While going to the places you least want to go may bring about feelings of pain, it is also the place that will bring about healing and the greatest reward.

When you embrace the deep and seek out the harder path, you will find growth, unrelenting persistence, and patience in yourself. In these deeper depths, you will find what you need the most.

“It’s like you have to go out there and confront it in order to incorporate what it has to offer to you. If it didn’t push you to the limit, you wouldn’t gain anything valuable from it.”