Let your Life Speak by Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer’s goal for writing “Let your Life Speak” was to share his journey with his readers on how he found his vocation and how his readers can find their own. Everyone’s vocation will be different and that the goal is to not copy or compare yourself to someone else’s journey. “Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?” he asks and answers in his book. 

Palmer explains it was a long battle to find what he wanted to do in life, but he got there by dealing with setbacks such as quitting jobs, getting fired from a job, and battling depression. “I was in my early thirties when I began, literally, to wake up to questions about my vocation. By all appearances, things were going well, but the soul does not put much stock in appearances. Seeking a path more purposeful than accumulating wealth, holding power, winning at competition, or securing a career, I had started to understand that it is indeed possible to live a life other than one’s own. Fearful that I was doing just that—but uncertain about the deeper, truer life I sensed hidden inside me, uncertain whether it was real or trustworthy or within reach—I would snap awake in the middle of the night and stare for long hours at the ceiling,” Palmer said. 

Palmer also explains into detail throughout the book about authentic selfhood, burnout, the different parts of life, leadership, the importance of being present, and his spiritual journey. 

He also talks about the difference between a vocation and a goal, listening to our inner truths, and knowing what our gifts are. On the other hand, you might also be interested in reading our honest review of “The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida“. It will help you navigate through questions like What is my purpose in life? What do women want in a relationship? What qualities make me a good partner? And many more.

About the Author

Parker J. Palmer is an educator, author, and activist who lectures on issues such as community, social change, education, leadership, and spirituality. Palmer has published ten books, countless essays, and numerous poems. 

He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California-Berkeley. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Who Would Benefit From This Book?

Anyone who is still trying to find their “way” in life would benefit from reading this novel. If you are someone who is feeling frustrated or stuck because of setbacks in your life such as getting fired from a job or not finding the right job for you, this book can give you suggestions on how to learn and thrive from those setbacks. Palmer tells his story about the setbacks that he has experienced from his life. If you are going through something similar, reading his story could be relatable and comforting. 

This book is short, (109 pages) but sweet and can take you to the next part of your life. If you are looking to figure out what your calling is, then this book is for you! If you want to read inspirational books and real-life stories then follow Men’s Group today!

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