Social Connection Is EVERYTHING for Men

Researchers from Reducing Male Suicide weigh in on the importance of social connections for men, how it impacts their lives and how it can work towards reducing male suicide rates.  

According to research, social connectedness is vital to a man’s overall health and well-being. It is estimated that men experience lower social connections compared to women.


Social connection is everything. In a way it’s an antidote to these really difficult and distressing experiences.”

Without these connections, men feel lonely and isolated, lacking a sense of purpose. This is often a contributing factor to suicide among men.

Social disconnection leaves men even more isolated, withdrawn, and struggling to find a sense of connection and purpose in the world.”

According to different studies, strong social connections among men are linked to longevity, a stronger immune system, reduced inflammation, and quicker recoveries from disease.

When men have ideal social connections, they are less prone to anxiety and depression. They also have empathy, higher self-esteem, and trust toward others. Meaningful relationships generate a positive social, emotional, and physical well-being cycle.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, and men with no social connectedness are more prone to suffer a decline in physical and psychological health and are susceptible to becoming further isolated.


So I was really noticing that again and again in terms of triggers for suicidality or mental health decline in men, relationship breakdown was a really big risk factor that was just always coming up.”

For men, the social connections they form from a young age significantly impact how the man defines what it means to be a man. Having a social circle gives men a support system.

Having a strong social circle and being able to rely on peers can be really valuable.”

Even with this knowledge of the benefits of social connections to men, most men still find it hard to approach fellow men and forge these strong friendships, especially when it comes to discussing issues related to their mental health.

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