How to get over Breakups and Betrayal with Jocko Willink and Echo Charles: Divorce and Breakups

Jocko Willink is a former Navy Seal Officer who currently is an author and podcaster. In the video below, he talks about how to get over breakups and betrayal and why it might be difficult for some people. He discusses that kids might be involved in the divorce so it might be harder to move on, but it still needs to happen. 


Jocko explains that people might be perceiving their ex-partner in a different light after a breakup. “The person you pieced together in your head doesn’t exist,” he said in his podcast. He talks about not dwelling on what the relationship was and what it could have been, but to get over that person and know they were not the person for you. This is also discussed in the recent show of “Red Table Talk” where Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith opened up with each other.

Look at Breakups as Something That Will Make You Stronger

He tells his listeners that breakups should be perceived as a learning experience and something that will make you stronger, not something that will defeat you. “Be thankful that you were able to learn before you invested more into this person,” Jocko said. 

Trust Yourself First Before Trusting Someone Else Again

breakups and betrayal

Around 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, Jocko explains that people might not want to jump back into dating right away after a breakup. And he says that is completely normal, but he suggests trusting ourselves first before doing that with someone.

Making sure you have a positive relationship with yourself and knowing you will not let yourself down will help you in your future relationships with others. 

Russell Brand On Getting Over His Ex-Girlfriends

In the video below, Russell Brand talks about his take on how he’s gotten over his ex-partners. He explains that it wasn’t easy for him to do so, and it is not easy for most people, but there are some ways that make it easier.


He explains that when you’re in a relationship, you might be annoyed with your partner and you might not be compatible. But as soon as you and your partner break up, it feels like they were your soulmate. This is not reality and to get over this person, you are going to need to face reality and look at why this relationship didn’t actually work. 

As Soon as You Break up With Someone, You Should Never Go Back

Brand advises viewers on how to actually know how you feel about your ex-partner and to not let feelings get in the way of your decisions. “They say 30 days with zero contact on either side. Take their number out of your phone, block their number, no contact, no looking at their social media, no fantasizing about them and wondering what they are doing, no probing friends to see what your genuine feelings are,” Brand said this helps to see the reality of this person you are currently trying to get over. You should also consider learning how to control your emotions.

In conclusion, going through a divorce or breakup is most likely difficult for everyone involved, but there are ways to make getting over someone easier — like joining a reliable men’s group. Jocko Willink and Russell Brand both agree that the hardest part about getting over someone is following through with it. Getting back with someone just because you are lonely and sad will not help either of you in the long term. So if you are going through a separation, remember to take care of yourself and to follow the advice that Brand and Willink have given you.